Michael was on MTV’s reality show “ARE YOU THE ONE?” Season 6. He was one of the competitors among 22 singles living in the house. The Goal: to find your perfect match. The Prize: a cool $1 Million !!

Michael had been playing his best game, adjusting the strategies as the game moved along…and the moves were Hot !! Sparks flew! Hearts were broken! The man kept his cool and rolled on. #BeLikeMike

The Season Finale exploded with drama and all the cast shouting in the end! Did you see it? Well, Michael was caught up in the jealousy between a scorned woman and her boyfriend, kind of. She was jealous of him liking someone else, so she headed for Michael, hot on a mission! Then, the boyfriend became jealous of that and started to destroy her stuffed animal. Then she put his shoe in a fire, then he ripped up her clothes…..get the idea?

At the end, when the cast gathered together to try for the partner matchup of the challenge, the show host informed them that this will be the Final matchup, and that they need to have all 11 perfect matches correct to win their share of the $1 million prize. The host said that if they do get all 11 correct, it would be the greatest comeback in the history of the “Are You The One” show! As the number of matches are shown by beams of light, the cast went through a load of emotions as the beams increased. In the end, eleven beams were lite up!! The cast won the grand prize!! Look for clips of the show online. Watch for Michael.

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