Biography of Michael Dean Johnson

Michael, born in 1995, and is from the state of Tennessee. He grew up in a community near the Smokey Mountain range, and the famous “good ole” Rocky Top. Michael was on the wrestling team in high school, and weighed 150 lbs. in his senior year. He had size and talent even then. Around the age of 13, Michael started having an interest in fitness and developing strength. The interest just grew. It was through his dedication and discipline that improved his opportunities, and through the support of his family and friends. He has been lifting and working out for eight years now.

He worked at his training and doing hard workouts. During his first year of college, he was spending so much time in the gym that he almost failed his classes. He was concentrated in the gym and in the formation of his physique, becoming a competitive athlete and entering physique contests.
Michael achieved great progress in fitness, as in modeling, and in other areas. He has experience on the stage, and is very experienced in front of the camera.

The talent doesn’t end there, as Michael has an “innovative eye. ” He is also a photographer, capturing a unique vistas, or creating interesting poses of his subjects. Michael began planning his modeling career in 2014, and set his sights on New York. He left to conquer the Big Apple. As a fighter for his goals, he is looking to put his talents to work in the film and television industry, beginning as an actor.

He follows a healthy diet combined with constant training to maintain optimum condition. Continuing with a regimen of exercise, Michael is in the gym an average of four times per week, and maintains correct supplementation. He is also a trainer. Although Michael has a busy schedule, he enjoys learning, practicing physical activities and enjoys the outdoors. He is an athlete and a multi-talented person, content, optimistic and a hard worker. He is an excellent person and athlete, he deserves respect for what he has achieved. His devotion to fitness and for his career, is a motivation for others.

Through his social media accounts, Michael contributes notes on life and fitness topics, his travel adventures, and of his modeling progress. He appreciates all that Follow him! See where will he travel next!

Michael has achieved great potential. He is concentrated and there is no doubt that he will go much farther in the future.

After a few years of concentrating on his goals, in January 2018, Michael was proud to announce the birth of “The Dean Foundation” as a platform to launch efforts for community and philanthropic activities. Read more about it at: www.theDeanFoundation.com !

To achieve results, the key is to work hard, with sacrifice, and over time the results will come. We wish Michael continued success for the future!


Co-HOST: @fanfairofficial Charity Concert. November 4, 2017. Los Angeles.

Reality Show: “Are You The One” Competitor. Season 6, MTV. Fall 2017. New Orleans. #AYTO

Television: Appearances on TV shows of New York studios, including BRAVO TV New York appearances on “Watch What Happens Live” #WWHL. Including airings such as- 2018: January 17. 2017: September.

Modeling Shows: Nolcha shows for designers, of the New York Fashion Week #NYFW, February 2018.

Print & Online Media: Magazines including ADON. Catalogs including being a popular model for ARONIK swimwear. LAPALME Magazine – Winter 2017.

Photos Shoots: With top photographers, across the country & the world, for exclusive brands such as #LeoMicci, and #Aronik.

Fitness Trainer & co-founder: Model Trainers NYC, Manhattan. Training and diet plans. Instagram: @ModelTrainersNYC . See the exclusive coverage of this team of trainers in the winter December 2017 edition of LAPALME Magazine.


Travel, roadtrips, and beaches
Gym, irons and workouts!
Passing time with family & friends
Photography, drawing/painting
“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”
“There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are.”
“Black and white are the colors of photography. They symbolize the alternatives of hope and despair to which mankind is subjected.”