Michael Dean Johnson

A multi-talented Model, Actor, Photographer, Athlete and Personal Trainer.

Through social media accounts, Michael contributes notes on life, fitness topics, his travels, and of his modeling progress.
Follow his travels and progress!   Available for creating photography sessions, and private fitness training.



Hope everyone is having
a great 4th of July weekend!


  Stay focused on your fitness!

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BOOM!!  Hardwork pays off!!  Super condition!
2nd Place Champion!! Mens Physique @KentucyMuscle 2019
Great athletes are focused. Keep at it people!


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“Don’t lose your grip on the dreams of the past… 
..fight to keep them alive.” (the Eye of the Tiger)



Mike was board! Not bored, but Board! He was on a huge billboard promo on top of a building in Vegas. They used an image from a photo shoot for LEO MICCI Athletic Wear (now Leorever). The LEO MICCI brand was voted the “2018 Best Luxury Athletic Wear” and is made in the USA!  Very Impressive! When in Vegas, look up! You never know, he might get board again!  (see gallery photo)


The Dean Foundation

In January 2018, Michael was proud to announce the birth of “The Dean Foundation” as a platform to launch efforts for community and philanthropic activities. Read more about it at: www.theDeanFoundation.com   Check this out!