Michael Dean Johnson

A multi-talented Model, Actor, Photographer, Athlete and Personal Trainer.

Through social media accounts, Michael contributes notes on life, fitness topics, his travels, and of his modeling progress.
Follow his travels and progress!   Available for creating photography sessions, and private fitness training.



“Don’t lose your grip on the dreams of the past… 
..fight to keep them alive.” (the Eye of the Tiger)




Comin’ For Kentucky !!

Getting back to competing! Shredding & prepping for the NPC Championship at the end of April! Follow for updates @michaeldean2.0

At left:  6 weeks out, 188 lbs. with 8% body fat!! 
Center:  2  1/2 weeks later. Check out the vascularity!
At right: 16 days out. Gettin’ close! Competitor condition showing throughout the body. Major shredz! Takes a lot of hours of hard work to build this condition AND the shredding at the same time!!  #athlete #trainer #dedication #discipline #results 



Mike’s been board! Not bored, but Board! The huge billboard promo is on top of a building in Vegas. It has one of Mike’s great photos for LEO MICCI Athletic Wear. The LEO MICCI brand was voted the “2018 Best Luxury Athletic Wear” and is made in the USA!  Very Impressive! When in Vegas, look up! You might see Mike!  (see gallery photo)



Michael’s travels! He’s just back from a June trip to Costa Rica. It was a “Hot” trip! Just check out the photos with the #fitcouple !  The talented model-athlete-trainer took to the waves, and mastered the board! But was surfing a way to “cool off”?!  See more pics on the socials.


Update on Mike’s social work for those in need!

In May 2018, Mike traveled to Thailand, to take donations for children of a rural village in northern Thailand, guided with the help of the charity (FTD) @FriendsOfThaiDaughters.  Mike carried supplies of eyeglasses, soccer balls, Bibles, pens and treats for the kids!  Soccer balls were donated by @aBallForAll.official.

Mike said, “seeing the smiles on their faces and the villages coming together has been so rewarding. My heart goes out to these people.” He then returned to Bangkok for a fundraising dinner and auction, being a guest speaker (see photos), of the “first annual FTD dinner for charity”. Mike says “we shattered our fundraising goal with the support of some amazing people”.  See more images of this trip, in the gallery, and on social media!

Great work! Congratulations and looking forward to future works!


The Dean Foundation

After a few years of concentrating on his goals, in January 2018, Michael was proud to announce the birth of “The Dean Foundation” as a platform to launch efforts for community and philanthropic activities. One of the first events was on a cold day in February, with “Building For Better,” an important event to help those in poverty, collecting new clothes, shoes and other needed products for the kids. Everyone had a blast working the event as well. Read more about it at: www.theDeanFoundation.com   Check this out!



Look for Mike’s team of ModelTrainersNYC’s exclusive spread in the Winter edition of Lapalme Magazine! The interview discusses details of the team members, who they are, what they offer clients as a team of trainers. And they explain how to correctly perform some of their favorite exercises. Look for it!  @Model_Trainers



Michael was on MTV’s reality show “ARE YOU THE ONE?” Season 6. He was one of the competitors among 22 singles living in the house. The Goal: to find your perfect match. The Prize: a cool $1 Million !!

Michael had been playing his best game, adjusting the strategies as the game moved along…and the moves were Hot !! Sparks flew! Hearts were broken! The man kept his cool and rolled on. #BeLikeMike

The Season Finale exploded with drama and all the cast shouting in the end! Did you see it? Well, Michael was caught up in the jealousy between a scorned woman and her boyfriend, kind of. She was jealous of him liking someone else, so she headed for Michael, hot on a mission! Then, the boyfriend became jealous of that and started to destroy her stuffed animal. Then she put his shoe in a fire, then he ripped up her clothes…..get the idea?

At the end, when the cast gathered together to try for the partner matchup of the challenge, the show host informed them that this will be the Final matchup, and that they need to have all 11 perfect matches correct to win their share of the $1 million prize. The host said that if they do get all 11 correct, it would be the greatest comeback in the history of the “Are You The One” show! As the number of matches are shown by beams of light, the cast went through a load of emotions as the beams increased. In the end, eleven beams were lite up!! The cast won the grand prize!! Look for clips of the show online. Watch for Michael.

More projects in the works! Follow the socials for current travels, photography, and fitness training!